Jun 18 • 14M

004: Please No More Advertising

The New Communicator: Podcast

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A weekly podcast on the new culture of business, marketing and technology.
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The latest episode of my podcast, The New Communicator, is now live!

You can listen here or via your dedicated podcast player.

Notes from this episode are below.

I mention in the episode: This episode was stitched together across a few different times and places, including outdoors (and in a car).

The next episode will include me walking to a coffee shop.

I don't necessarily enjoy the difference in audio quality between recording in my studio and being outside. I do like the variance, though.

If you enjoy either, let me know.

Episode notes


  • https://uppbeat.io/t/kidcut/jazz-and-hop

  • License code: PCRBPJ5QLPKYKAVJ


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