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Broadband networks and you

Why should we care about broadband?

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This was a fun week of writing.

Broadband networks, and telecommunications in general, are topics that I grew up around.


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  • However, those plans and some of the funds are starting to roll out. Which means the clock is ticking.



  • Delivered daily: Broadband buildout

  • Even though I’ve seen it up close and first-hand for much of my professional life, I’m continually fascinated by this intricate dance.



  • Delivered daily: Who cares about broadband networks?

  • So, why pour millions into a substandard economic area? Because it’s a substandard economic area.



  • Delivered daily: Broadband networks and the killer app(s)

  • With public companies needing to meet (and exceed) the market’s demands and entrepreneurs feeling the need to take on outside funding to ‘scale’ their business, it’s tough to argue the opposite direction.



  • Delivered daily: The end of broadband networks

  • Maybe the future of broadband networks will be based on specific needs.