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001 - What now?
001 - What now?
The audio companion to my 'Now what' article...

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We were in New York last week. Or was it this week?

Break time…

We were in New York recently. We lived in the city for nearly ten years before moving North and West.

During our time there, we did what we enjoy most - visiting some museums, finding some good drinks and eating some good food.

It was the city that kicked off a bunch of things for me and allowed me to start answering the one question that's followed me my entire life : "now what?".

What is all this?

I've been bothered by the "now what" question. Whether being asked right after an engagement announcement or after completing a successful work assignment.

There really isn't time allowed to savor the right now. The today.

And that's what I want to do. Not necessarily to answer the 'now what' question, rather spend some time thinking more deeply about possibly mundane yet somewhat perplexing questions.

I want to try and answer those questions in a modern way.

What the heck is 'a modern way'?

My corporate career has been defined by decades of telecommunications, technology, marketing, communications, leadership and business development.

While those roles have been incredibly fulfilling, I almost fell asleep writing (and now speaking) that sentence.

I'm using those skills and experience tell stories with audio and video as complements to the written word, in an effort to provide more context to the question and answer.

Or, as I note on my website : I tell stories that help me answer mundane yet somewhat perplexing questions.

So, um, now what?

Once a week, I'll post a new story about something that is either perplexing me now or has perplexed me in the past.

Those articles are available for free on my website, Feel free to sign up there to receive an email when those stories are live (likely Monday mornings).

Later in the week, I'll post a behind-the-scenes podcast episode at about the article, and I'll put that behind a paywall (with a free teaser).

I'll then spend time between the two updates answering questions and preparing to release the next story.

Another subscription?

Yeah, I hear you. Here's how I'm thinking about this...

The article is free.

If folks want to know more about how the article was created, they are likely in some sort of profession (or want to be in some sort of profession) where this kind of storytelling is important to their success.

I think that part, basically access to my brain, is worth paying for. That make sense? (Feel free to comment / provide feedback - I read them all and answer most.)

: Thank you for listening.

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