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That’s me!

About me

I am based in Montana after having worked/lived in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Washington D.C. and New York.

Previously, I was part of the corporate world as an investment banking/equities analyst, business/partner development manager and marketing/sales executive. Those roles have taken me around the world to develop new business relationships, discover new opportunities and see how businesses and communications operate from a global and local lens.

In 2023, I decided to start my own business development and marketing consulting agency: The New Communicate, LLC. I continue working with some of the coolest teams attempting the craziest things.

In addition, I scratched an itch by starting to write long-form articles on my personal website.


  • I am not paid by any company for any opinion I post here or on related online properties.

  • I take my personal brand and my professionalism seriously. When I make mistakes, I will strive to correct them quickly and publicly.

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I tell content-rich stories about topics I and others find interesting, and I use audio for a kind of behind-the-scenes perspective.


Wil A.

I tell stories about business, life, whatever.