Hey. It’s Wil.

Technology and media junky turned business leader.

I’m sure I’m thinking about something important…

I am based in Montana and have previously worked/lived in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Washington D.C. and New York.

My roles as an investment banking/equities analyst, business/partner development manager and marketing/sales executive have taken me around the world to develop new business relationships, discover new opportunities and see how businesses and communications operate from a global and local lens.

I received a BS in business computer telecommunications and an MBA in marketing, and have been developing and writing on the web since 2007.

This site

The goal of this site and its related online properties (website, newsletter, social media) is to help provide context and perspective on how individuals are transforming businesses to meet the demands of tomorrow.

Whether you are a manager or a young professional, this site will equip you with both hard and soft skills to become that leader.

While I host my podcast here, you can find my articles on wiljr.org.

Some notes

  • I am not paid by any company for any opinion I post here or on related online properties.

  • I take my personal brand and the professionalism of this site seriously. When I make mistakes, I will strive to correct them quickly and publicly.

  • If you have any feedback or questions, please contact me.

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