Hey. It’s Wil.

Technology and media junky turned business communications and marketing leader.

I’m sure it’s something important…

While I grew up on a farm in an era with little technology, I’ve since lived and worked in some of the most technology-savvy and transformational cities in the world: Silicon Valley, San Francisco, New York, Washington DC.

In 2007, I created my first online blog, using the domain andersonjr.com, to better understand how technology was intersecting with our day-to-day culture. I’ve been writing on the web ever since.

After wrapping up my first public photo exhibit and closing up my first documentary, that side of the brain was getting restless. I was looking for the next creative outlet that combined my passion for all things business, communications and technology.

Enter The New Communicator, an email newsletter, website and podcast to help me work through my thoughts on business and technology news.

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Articles and podcast episodes are posted and emailed before 9:00 AM US-Eastern.

Stats for nerds (and sponsors)...

  • Typical weekly web traffic: 2,500–3,500

  • Typical monthly web traffic: 9,000–12,000

  • Geo: 46% of unique users are in the United States

  • Email open rate: 37%

  • Last updated: Thursday, August 25, 2022


Industries subscribed and engaged to The New Communicator:

  • Advertising

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  • Technology (Cloud, Data Center, IT, Managed Services, Security, Software Development)

  • Last updated: Wednesday, August 24, 2022

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A bit more...

An expert in delivering B2B communications initiatives, Wil’s background is in business development, marketing, technology and telecommunications. A few notables…

  • Creator of the original Atlassian User Group model, connecting users around the world with Atlassian, its employees and its partners

  • Data analytics for Align Communications, delivering a new lead generation enterprise sales model for data center and managed services clients

  • Digital transformation for Blackfoot Communications, communicating internal knowledge and expertise to an expanding audience

When not delivering transformational communications projects, you can find Wil traveling, taking photos and tasting new coffee. Supporting an odd combination of the Cleveland Browns, Liverpool FC and the New York Mets keeps him grounded.

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